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Announcing the Holiday Window Walk Winners

date 01/29/2016 author Genny Yang category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

I had the privilege of delivering the plaques to the winners of the decorating contest yesterday.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this great community event.

“Wreaths of Winona” was designed for businesses to show their business model in the form of a wreath.  What we ended up seeing was truly remarkable – from the history of the wreath and holiday seasons of the past at the Winona County History Center to the love of Winona landmarks at Morgan’s Jewelers.  From wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers in the wreaths at Scott Builders, a pair of high heels in the wreath above Baker Shoes, to coffee mugs in the wreath at Acoustic Cafe.  From the heart-shaped wreath at Hardt’s Music and Audio to diaper wreaths at baby bean.  Businesses gave it their all and after a fierce battle between more than 30 businesses, we have 3 victors! A special thank you to Scott Builders and Yarnology for your sponsorship.  Before announcing the winners, first I would like to recognize the contestants:
Thank you to Acoustic Café, baby bean, Baker Shoes, Blooming Grounds, Chapter 2 Books, Chrysler Winona, Computer Dock, Dare to Dream Studio, First Place Trophies and Awards, Grace Place, Great River Shakespeare Festival, Hardt’s Music and Audio, Heart’s Desire, Holtans’ Jewelry, Home Federal Savings Bank, Jefferson Pub & Grill, La Boutique, Midwest Music Store, Morgan’s Jewelers, Nostallja Studio, Off Center Designs, Pet Medical Center, Pipe Dream Toys, Ricer Quest Games, Scott Builders, The Mezzanine, Vapor Vibes, Volkmann Appliance, Winona County History Center, Winona Wear, and Yarnology.
 Our winners for the 2015 Holiday Window Walk Contest are:
Small Business: baby bean
Large Business: Chrysler Winona
People’s Choice: Scott Builders

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